Best Cheese in Bali

Feta Cheese in Oil

No cooking required for this quick and easy Feta Cheese in Oil recipes. Usually perfect to combine with fresh salad and drizzle it on top ??

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200gr Feta Cheese by Bali Dairy
1 cup sun flower oil
1 onion
1 empty jar

How to make:
1. First, sliced thin size the onion
2. Cut the Feta Cheese into cubes
3. Put Feta cubes, sliced onion, and thymes into an empty jar
4. Add 1 pinch of herb the provence
5. Then, pour 1 cup of the sun flower oil to the jar
6. Finally, the preserved feta is long-lasting and give a nice mediate ran flavors
*Notes : make sure the cheese is under oil to prevent the cheese to spoil ?

So easy & delicious! Get the Feta Cheese only at Bali Dairy ?

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