Lemon Curd Yoghurt


When making our flavoured yoghurts, we add real fruits and a small amount of sugar to our natural yoghurt. We consciously limit the amount of added sugar so that Bali Dairy creme yoghurts can be a healthy treat for all families.

Nutritional information:

per 100 gr, energy 130 kkal, energy from fat 40 kkal, fat total 4,3g/6% (%DV*), protein 3,6g/6%, carbohydrate 19,94g/6%, sugar 15g, natriu, 70,21mg/5%


Milk full cream, milk powder full cream, probiotic yoghurt culture, lemon curd (10%), sugar, half of the sugar coming from milk sugar inside the milk.

*price is calculated for 1l