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Welcome to BaliDairy

Located in the beautiful tropical Island of Bali, we produce premium cheeses, yoghurt and other dairy products.

Rooted as a family-owned dairy company, BaliDairy truly stands for the values of producing natural dairy products with exceptional qualities.
Every day since the first day of our cheese and yogurt production, our BaliDairy family had been striving to work hard with passion and love to produce you the best cheeses and other dairy products in German quality.
As a company, with the commitment to quality and sustainability, we continuously pursue bringing satisfaction and delight into the very lives of our customers with the best of our products.


For this we stand with our good name.
Yours Fam. Kaffanke

Our Ambitions

Dairy is the hero of our story. We have a pure, natural product with unlimited potential. There are nutritional possibilities we have yet to explore.

It’s this passion that is reflected in our vision to share dairy with the world. Around Indonesia, we want our customers to think ‘Bali-Dairy ‘ first when they think dairy. In our markets we want our consumers to have our brands top-of-mind as the leaders of Quality. if we achieve this we will have achieved our vision of being the natural source of dairy nutrition for everybody, in Indonesia, every day Its’ a bold goal, but it’s grounded in reality. We have what it takes.

We have unbelievable expertise behind us and a global supporting team as no other company. We will be at the forefront of dairy innovation for generations to come.

Every day, our knowledge, our products and our people combine to bring the best of dairy to our customers and the best returns to our business. Each day, we add to our reputation. For us, tomorrow is not just another day – it’s an opportunity to make our vision real

Our Values

We are all writing BaliDairy’s story,

As Individuals, we are shaped by different cultural, professional and personal experiences.
Our shared values enable us to combine our personal strengths with those of others to make BaliDairy stronger,
better, more innovative and more successful. We could write a many pages about our values. We are a company
that spans Indonesia the cultures within, and values are hugely important to us.
But when you boil it down, there are lust four simple things that guide us.

And it doesn’t matter who or where we are within BaliDairy, these are the values we share.
– Passion – the key generator for all we do
– Quality – as the key to success, quality to make us stronger
– Respect – treat everybody and everything with respect as we all life together
– Tradition – honor our ancestors and what they achieved

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