Bali Dairy produces more than 25 types of cheeses with focus on German, French and Spanish cheeses. You can find all you wanted for cheeses — from the soft one like Brie to the hard one like Ibores, we have it all. Our highest standards in hygiene and processing will always guarantee you and your family from the food safety that you need.

Creme Yoghurt

Our yoghurt is made out of best Java milk, carefully pasteurized and contains only milk powder and yoghurt cultures. No artificial aroma and no stabilizer, only nature. The fruit flavours that we use for more 10 of our yoghurt variants derived from homemade fruit jam processed in a classic German way. Doing the jam our self not using ready-mix fruit paste ensures the high quality we need and you expect.

Fresh Milk

Our fresh cow milk is carefully pasteurized and available in many sizes. It’s always the best choice for you and your family. Now it is available in a reusable glass 1l bottle. Each glass bottle has a deposit that is refunded when the rinsed bottle including the lid is returned to the store.⁣ REDUCE THE PLASTIC WASTE AND KEEP OUR BEAUTIFUL BALI CLEAN.

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